TooManyNotes ("TMN") is the re-launch of an internet venture based in Austin, TX that will give exposure to artists in a global marketplace utilizing the Internet and Internet technologies.

TMN will offer exposure to unsigned and signed artists through its unique method of classification and searching of songs. TMN will also utilize its proprietary method of global distribution, by creating customized compilation CD of songs that visitors would like to purchase.

TMN will be creating a network of distributors around the world who will be able to create a customized CD and ship it to the customer, using TMN's own distribution software.

TMN will be expanding its technology offerings to further exposure artists to non-web based music lovers by using the telephone (cell phone) to listen to music.

Learn more about TMN through the following links:

For people searching for new music - read about our unique classification system that will allow people to find your music.

The Team - everyone associated with this growing project are musicians who love to create and appreciate music.