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The Team

Brandon - founder

Brandon is a Purdue University graduate who grew up with the Internet and has seen the Web blossom in his 11 years of active involvement with the Internet and 5 years of web development.

During his senior year at Purdue, he opened a futon frame factory with a retail store, that expanded after graduation to a larger factory and 2 retail stores.

He has held positions as the Director of Information Systems for SmartRoute Systems (Cambridge, MA) from 1996-1998 and the Product Design Manager for AutEx (Thomson Financial Services). He founded Web Messaging Technologies Inc, an internet company that focused on the ability to add voice to webpages using the telephone.

Brandon has since moved on to continue his entreprenuer drive in starting TooManyNotes.com that combines his love of music (piano player of 22 years) and his Internet skills. He is based out of Nashville.

His personal goal is to become a music producer fo the future "TooManyNotes Record Label", to work with talented songwriters, musicians, and singers to create songs, which would find their way to the TooManyNotes.com website.


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