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For the Music Lover

The first thing that makes TMN unique is the way that songs are categorized. Most websites organize music by the genre/subgenre method. If you are a music lover seeking new music, you would have to first pick the genre (ie. rock, country, blues, etc), then the subgenre, only to find a long list of bands, listed alphabetically.

After scrolling down the list of bands, it becomes very frustrating to find new music that you might be interested in.

TMN has taken the approach of classifying music by 3 criteria.

  • The Emotion of the song
  • The Topic of the song
  • The Tempo of the song

Our Music Search Engine asks you how are you feeling or want to feel. You would select from a list of Emotions like 'Angry'

The next question is about the Topic. You are asked to select the Topic that you are 'Angry' about, like 'Relationships'.

The last question is on the Tempo of the songs (fast, medium, slow). In this example, you would select fast beat.

After choosing the search criteria, the website will return a list of songs that have been qualified by TMN as being a good fit. There is such a vast quantity of bands out there, that TMN has chosen to only include music that the TMN A&R Team has voted to include on the site.

In this example, you would see a search result of songs that are 'Angry' about 'Relationships' with a 'fast' beat. You may discover songs in different genres that you connect with, but may never have discovered.

You will be able to hear samples of the music. If you find songs that you like, you can use the bookmark feature to save the song.

TMN has the added feature of creating a custom CD, a compilation of songs that the visitor would like to purchase. You can purchase digital download version of songs, or purchase the option of having a custom CD created for you.

Each song will have a "Behind the MP3" page that will have the lyrics of the song, an interview with the artist about what they were thinking about when writing the song and what the song means to them, as well as additional comments from our A&R Team and other music lovers.

We are currently in the process of finding Artists and songs to appear on the website. We should have a large inventory of songs by Summer 2004 and be open for your listening pleasure.

If you would like to be on our mailing list to be notified when the site launches, enter your email address below. Your email address will only be used to alert you of the TooManyNotes.com website launch.

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