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Connecting Music Lovers with Music Makers.

We are in the process of building a very unique website and service for Music Makers and Music Lovers. A summary of what TooManyNotes is about:

  • A search engine for music based on Emotion, Topic, Tempo. We do not use genre as a way of categorizing music.
  • Songs can be selected for the purchase of compilation CD. The Music Lover can pick and choose songs to fit on a CD and we burn and ship a CD. Digital downloads of songs are also available.
  • Distribution via a worldwide network. CD's are burned at the nearest country distribution point for faster and cheaper delivery.
  • Music is licesensed to the Music Lover. All songs are watermarked with the purchaser's ID. Sharing of the songs on P2P can be identified through our Copyright Detection and Enforcement Service.
  • No cost for Music Makers to participate. We invite all artists to submit their work. We do evaluate which artists and which songs appear in the TooManyNotes Catalog. Each song has a royalty fee that is paid to the artist when songs are sold.

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